The Best Google Seo Tips For 2012

IF you are a owner of a website or a blog, it is very important to know that how to drive traffic to your site. Because the value of a website is depend on it’s traffic. When your audiance becomeing to increase, you can cover your target quickly.  Therefore I would like to give some ideas about how to drive traffic to your site through the seo.

When we consider about traffic, There are tow types of traffic sources.  Search engine traffic and direct  traffic.  If someone  visit your site without searching any word or pheres into a search engine, it is the direct traffic. But if someone  visit your site by searching  words or pheres into a search engine, it is the Search engine traffic. The Search engine traffic is very important  Among those types of traffic. Because, Search engine traffic can bring you more benefits than direct  traffic. If you are using adsense or any other cpc programme you can earn lot of money through the Search engine traffic. Also you can submit your website to a lot of visitors by using relevant keywords. So let’s have a look at our topic..
Actually, google is the main search engine in the world which has the best algorithm. So when we doing search engine optimization, we should give an overweight for the google. Because It is very powerfull and intelligent more than we think.. so let us know what are The Best Google Seo Tips.

1.      Content  is the most valuable
Obviously content is the main google seo fact. Google have a ability to find out most relevant content for a keyword. So my notion is should add text content to your site how much you can. Because any search engine find relavent websites from text content on the web. Then if you add right content with relevant keywords, it can be the main traffic source of your site.

2.      Do not trick with black Hat
Lot of new comers want to submit their sites to search engines soon. Then they do lot of     black hat seo tips. But  now google can understand all the black hat seo tips with its new panda updates. So it is useless to doing black hat seo. But it is important to learn white hat seo and apply for the your website.

3.      Try to build up quality Backlinks
Backlinks are very important for a website to rank well. Also blacklinks are the main fact of the Google page rank. If you able to encounter about 4 page rank of Google page rank, Obviously you could get 50% or more than search engine traffic. In order to get a sustainable Google page rank, you should consider about two things. First thing is, you should add your backlinks into a same website as your one. (If your website about music, you must choose music websites). Another thing is those websites should have good Google page rank that above four.

4.      Social Networks will help you
This is a good channel to increase your traffic in the web. Because nowadays, lot of enterprenurs are doing their businesses using social networking sites. So you also able to improve the traffic by using social networks. You can make porfiles for your business and then you can add your details. Also you can make a fan page on facebook.

5.      Use google and other webmaster tools
Webmaster tools are very usefull when we going to submit your website to search engines. You can submit your site to Google, Yahoo, Bing and other seach engines by using their Webmaster tools. Also you can submit a HTML site map of your site. Then search engines will find your updates immediately.

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