The Best Google Seo Tips For 2012

IF you are a owner of a website or a blog, it is very important to know that how to drive traffic to your site. Because the value of a website is depend on it’s traffic. When your audiance becomeing to increase, you can cover your target quickly.  Therefore I would like to give some ideas about how to drive traffic to your site through the seo.

When we consider about traffic, There are tow types of traffic sources.  Search engine traffic and direct  traffic.  If someone  visit your site without searching any word or pheres into a search engine, it is the direct traffic. But if someone  visit your site by searching  words or pheres into a search engine, it is the Search engine traffic. The Search engine traffic is very important  Among those types of traffic. Because, Search engine traffic can bring you more benefits than direct  traffic. If you are using adsense or any other cpc programme you can earn lot of money through the Search engine traffic. Also you can submit your website to a lot of visitors by using relevant keywords. So let’s have a look at our topic..
Actually, google is the main search engine in the world which has the best algorithm. So when we doing search engine optimization, we should give an overweight for the google. Because It is very powerfull and intelligent more than we think.. so let us know what are The Best Google Seo Tips.

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